🕊 “…the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things” - John 14:26 🕊

I Found My Saint
I Found My Saint

I Found My Saint

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All Orthodox Christians are named for a saint or feast of the Church—or are they? Having been named after the ancient Greek pagan hero Iraklis (Hercules), it seemed that young Iraklis Harilaou had no patron saint! At least that is what he thought, until one day he was hospitalized suffering from a strange illness. It was then that Iraklis learned that God's providence never leaves us empty handed—or without saintly intercessors!

This book is based on true events.

From the letter of Nun Prodrómi, Abbess Holy Monastery of Saint Irakleidios : "Dearest Children—the book you are holding in your hands contains the true story of a miracle worked by Saint Irakleidios for a group of middle school students. Through this story, you can see that our Orthodox saints are close at hand, that they are with us, and that they truly love us. They were children once too, with their own problems and worries, and with beautiful dreams and adventures in their lives. They believed, they struggled, and they became holy, and because of this they understand you and pray to God for you."