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The Fullness of Joy: A Story of Loss and Renewal

The Fullness of Joy: A Story of Loss and Renewal

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by Georgia Briggs

Joy is only a bear. She doesn’t understand Batiushka’s prayers or late-night vigils, or why the dark winds rage against him. She doesn’t care for the humans who constantly ask his advice, or the other bear, Misha, who takes up his time and attention. Joy only knows that Batiushka needs her as much as she needs him, and she will never let anyone take him away.

In this beautifully illustrated novel, readers will be immersed in the day-to-day world of Joy and her journey alongside the beloved monk who later became known as Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Young teen readers will be drawn to Seraphim’s life with his animal companions. More mature readers, especially parents, will resonate with the strong undercurrents of love, fear, and faith made real in this lyrical tale by author Georgia Briggs, who also wrote the award-winning novel, Icon.

About the Author: Georgia Briggs is an Alabama native who has loved drawing and writing since childhood. As an adult, she converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, where she found the fulfillment of the beauty and mystery she had always longed for. Georgia is now a mother, iconographer, and the author of the award-winning nove

Age Range: 13+

Author: Georgia Briggs